Are the feelings of •Hopelessness•Fear•Guilt•Worry  

describe how you begin your day as an addict or as a family member / friend of a loved one who suffers from an Addiction            
               If Yes, then Congratulations! you have come to the right Website for 
                           Help , Hope & Treatment Solutions Today!  

  • Guiding the family with compassion.
  • Managing the circumstances through experience.
  • Helping the addict or alcoholic reach out for recovery. Addicts are not capable of controlling their use, regardless of the adverse consequences to their legal status, health, personal lives or professional standing.

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Welcome, my name is Joe Czulada, I am a highly trained Intervention Specialist with many years of experience dealing with alcohol and drug addicted people. Through my own life experiences I have the ability to get to the heart of the problem and encourage the addicted person to enter into rehabilitation. My compassionate, solution-focused technique involves the "gift of treatment" in a way the addicted person and family can accept in a positive atmosphere with dignity and trust. When you hire me "Nobody Is Alone" nobody's story here is too trivial or too important. Everybody has a place and we're all connected everybody's story helps or heals another.
 You deserve to live a life of sobriety!                   
                                                        I'm Here to Help. I Care. I've Been There!                                                             


Intervention is the starting point for change. It is a proven successful process for helping your addicted loved one choose treatment, it has enabled thousands of addicts to receive treatment despite the fact that they have already refused to do so. A clear plan is presented in a loving, firm, and supportive way to the person including treatment and recovery solutions. A beginning to help healing the associated emotions, and feelings that have been ripping your family apart. By breaking through the denial, the addict is able to see the effect their addiction has had on everyone who is important to him/her as well as on their own lives.


I will help find the best addiction treatment possible for you or your loved one.Together we collaborate on treatment options that are effective and competent. I will walk through that journey with you to find quality substance abuse treatment that is low cost and has high success. Having my personalized service takes into account all factors such as legal, location, medical, gender, psychiatric, and other specialized needs. I will find the program that is the best fit for you or your loved one.
I am connected to many different types of treatment centers because of this, most people I help find addiction treatment get a lower cost for the treatment program they desire.


I assist an individual traveling to and from residential treatment programs. I am very familiar with the fear, uncertainty, and anxiety while traveling to and from treatment.Throughout the process, I will share my experiences and how I progressed to where I am today.  By relating on a personal level, I will provide comfort, encouragement, and inspiration. Staying in constant contact with the family and the treatment center.


 Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and     suddenly you are doing the impossible.                                                                    ~St. Francis of Assisi

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